My name is John Herbert and I would like to tell you what a great experience I had working with the people at Proframe Construction in rebuilding a home lost to the Campfire in Paradise in 2018. The home belonged to a good friend of mine who asked me to help him in getting his home rebuilt. He already had a set of plans that was ready to bid. After reviewing the plans, I added specs on the plumbing, wood stove, electrical, and concrete. This was done so that when the bids came back it was what was wanted for the finish of the house.

Proframe gave us a timely bid on the project. After reviewing the bid with my friend and explaining the process of the bid and the payments, we then set up a meeting with the team at Proframe Construction (Ben, Ryan & Bernadette). They carefully went over the plans, their pricing, the specifications, and the timeline of the project. They explained every phase of the project in detail, so my friend completely understood how his home was going to be rebuilt. There were some questions that needed to be addressed, so a 2nd meeting was scheduled. At the 2nd meeting the questions were answered and the contract was signed.

We received a book on the project containing all the specs and the suppliers to be used. Along with the suppliers, the name of a contact person was given. We made appointments with everyone to pick out the items, IE: appliance, flooring, carpet, wood stove, cabinets, countertops, etc. The people were knowledgeable with their products and very helpful in picking out items that were within our budget. It was a very positive experience.

As for the construction phase, it was done very professionally and timely. Any problems that arose during construction were handled quickly.

I highly recommend Proframe Construction. Their staff, their workers, and their subcontractors were easy to work with and very efficient. It was a great experience. A first-class job.

-John A. Herbert

Proframe Construction worked as our builder two years ago, we were very happy with their professional, yet personal handling of our rebuild. They did a great job, making sure we were happy along the way! We have recommended them to several people since because of our satisfaction! They are a great group of caring and skilled craftsmen and women!

-Peter & Susan Frudden